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Resident Artists

Kaitlin Clark

Kaitlin has been teaching ceramics as well as other various media for nearly 20 years. As a certified professional Art educator with a teaching background in both public and private schools, she now collaborates with local art studios and non-profits in the area through her business, Integrative Healing Arts, LLC. Her love of the arts began as a child and she turned that passion into a career after attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Following her other passion of health and wellness, she also received a masters degree in Integrative Health. Fusing the arts and wellness, Kaitlin enjoys sharing the calming effects of working in clay while also developing technical skills through process and exploration. Art often imitates life and through the creative process we can be reminded to be patient, open minded, observant and resilient. She loves to see her students follow their own unique artistic endeavors and share in the joy of creating together. When she is not teaching or creating her own artworks, she can be found outdoors hiking, farming in the flower fields and enjoying time with her family, friends and animals.

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