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Studio Rules & Policies



Clay Slab and Wheel Studio Guidelines


  • Knowledge Base

    • This is independent work only, there is no instruction beyond basic questions on studio operations. You must have basic knowledge of working with clay slab and the associated tools.

    • Beginner classes for Slab and Wheel are offered occasionally. 

    • If you  would like to try out the studio  and have no prior clay experience, speak with the Studio Manager and basic one on one instruction can be provided for a nominal fee.

  • Materials

    • Tools

      • Basic Tool Kits are required for students/members and available for purchase at the studio. 

      • All clay (slab & wheel) related studio tools and materials are available for use.

      • Clean and return all tools to their proper place and condition after use.

      • If you choose to leave personal tools or supplies in the studio, properly identify them and store in a box in order to distinguish from studio items.

      • Do not touch or use any other members tools or supplies that are stored at the studio. (If not sure ask the Studio Manager first).

      • If using the wheel with bats, clean up the bats after use to prevent mold and to be available for the next member.

    • Glazes

      • Studio provides 12-15 glazes to choose from

      • Members are welcome to purchase Cone 5/6 glazes for their own personal use

    • Clay

      • Each bag of clay is $30 which includes bisque and glaze firing.


  • When acquiring a new bag of clay, boldly print your name on the plastic bag so it is easily identified.

  • Never use someone else’s clay.

  • Only high fire studio clay may be used in the studio. Members may not bring their own clay. Our clay pricing covers some of the firing and glazing expenses incurred.

  • Glazes

    • Only high fire glazes (cone 5 to 6) may be used in the studio. If in doubt ask the studio manager,

    • Studio offers a large variety (12-15) of dipping & brush on glazes available to our members.

    • You are welcome to purchase your own glazes as long as they are high fire Cone 5/6 (not 05/06)

    • Always keep a minimum of ¼ inch unglazed at the bottom of your piece. Glazes can run and can make the piece stick to and ruin kiln shelves. 

    • Make sure all pieces are cleaned including bottoms prior to putting on the “ready for glaze firing shelf” in the Kiln room.


  • Cleanliness / Safety

    • Clay and slip should never be put down the sink. There is a procedure for cleaning up clay tools that prevents clay from going down the sink. The Studio Manager will show you how this is done. 

    • Left over clay and slip is recycled and should be put in the proper recycle bin in the kiln room.

    • Bisqueware sanding should always be done outdoors. Sanding in doors is not permitted. You should always wear a mask when sanding.

    • Clean up your work area and leave it in proper condition for the next member.

    • Mop your area before you leave.


  • Membership  Rules

    • Studio is for Artists creating personal items and as a community kiln is used, the studio can not support production artist activities.

    • Always sign your work to insure you piece is identied. You may carve initials or use red/black oxide and paint initials

    • Never touch anyone else’s work as greenware is extremely fragile. We would not want to see any member’s piece damaged by someone else.

    • When pieces are completed we suggest they are wrapped in plastic and stored on a shelf in the studio. Once greenware has been trimmed and cleaned and is ready for bisque firing you should place on the appropriate shelf in the kiln room. Do not touch or move anybody else’s pieces. If you need help see the Studio Manager.

    • Always be considerate of other members as this is a shared community space.

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