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Imogen Group Announces First Virtual Photography Exhibit

The imogen Group is pleased to announce their first virtual photography exhibit. The show, entitled “Wish You Were Here” is also on exhibit in the newly renovated 550 Gallery from May 17th 2021 – June 20th, 2021.


In lieu of an actual art reception, the group created a virtual gallery opening in which each imogen member shares their unique photographic perspective. The series of short videos can be viewed on a number of different social media platforms.


The five imogen members who will be exhibiting their work include:


Debra Lill 

You may already have Debra’s artwork in your house… on your bookshelf! Her photo-illustrations have graced the covers of many best-selling novels.


Michaela Murphy 

Michaela was a photography teacher at Yale University. She photographed her barn series with a large format field camera and processed her black & white gelatin-silver contact prints in a traditional darkroom. 


Amy Grosclaude 

Amy’s Spectra Scape photographic series depicts a mysterious and abstract world full of luminous color and movement. 


Jim Baker 

Jim is currently a winemaker and vineyard manager of a nearby winery. Without the opportunity to travel this past year, Jim’s images are a mixture of local places and prints from trips in the past. 


Linda Jackson 

As a natural health practitioner and acupuncturist, Linda’s photographs are captured moments from her experiences of soaking in the healing benefits of time spent connecting with nature.


The virtual art opening can be viewed at:


            Facebook: imogen

            Instagram: @imogen_group_


The 550 Gallery is located at 550 Main Street in Bethlehem CT. Call for gallery hours. 203.266.6995

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